You and Me is a two-level, topic-based course for young children learning The colourful Pupil's Book 2 contains stories, songs, chants and. You and Me: 2: Pupil's Book by Cathy Lawday, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. You and Me 2 Pupil's Book by Naomi Simmons, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

You And Me Pupils Book 2

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The You and Me Activity Book 2 focuses on reading and writing practice through games and puzzles which are designed to help children. download You and Me: 2: Pupil's Book by Cathy Lawday from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE UK delivery on orders. A complete package of interactive materials for Early Childhood Numeracy education in the Caribbean. 1,2,3 You and Me aims to make learning fun both at .

Contact Us Listen to an extended version of this post as a podcast transcript : Sponsored by Peergrade and mysimpleshow I first became aware that there might be a problem a few years ago, when one of my kids was studying weather systems: high- and low-pressure systems, cold fronts and warm fronts.

We were really frustrated, my husband and I, because all we really had as a reference was the top half of this worksheet that explained the concept. Come up to the front of the room, OK. And this group, I want you to move really, really slowly. It seemed like even a three-minute re-enactment of how these systems work would help the kids get it right away. She looked at me like I was crazy and said no.

How did you actually learn this for the first time?

We just opened it up to page 36, and then she would read a little bit to us, and then explain something, and then we would read a little bit more, and then she would say something else, and that was it. After this cycle repeats four or five times, they have some kind of test.

This is not good. They have to process them. Manipulate them. To really learn in a way that will stick, they have to DO something. But I listen to teachers talk all the time: in schools, on social media, in private messages, and I know that things are not going well for you all of the time.

This is incredibly frustrating; I know. The problem is you. The Problem: A Gap in the Lesson Plan First, let me say that authentic, project-based learning is probably the best way to have students experience meaningful learning.

Guided practice and application: With the support of the teacher, students apply what they have just been taught.

Independent practice and application: Students apply the learning on their own. Assessment: The teacher measures how well students have met the objectives.

We go straight from direct instruction to independent practice to assessment. In some cases, we may even be skipping both steps 3 and 4. Not too long ago I had to help another of my kids study for a social studies test.

All we had to work with were notes copied from a PowerPoint. When I pointed at individual items and asked my kid to tell me what they meant, that turned out to be too difficult. The teacher had just told them to write down that bullet point, but my kid left class that day not really knowing what it meant.

I remember how students could misrepresent or oversimplify the things we did in class. I would bet that this teacher took time to explain these concepts before having students copy down bullet points. Apart from the poor quality learning, this gap in our teaching is a problem for two more reasons.

Look at any social studies standards for middle school, in pretty much any state. Do any of them say that kids need to be able to identify names of significant people in historical periods, or be able to regurgitate facts about certain cultures or regions? They want students to be able to understand the relationships between social movements and changes and other influences.

They want students to be able to explain and analyze things. If students are actually doing these things in Wisconsin middle schools, that would be amazing.

But if Wisconsin is like a lot of other places, my guess is that students are sitting through PowerPoint lectures, copying notes from the PowerPoints, and transferring that information to worksheets and tests. The same could be said for science, health, and other content-heavy classes. Even in English language arts, which really should be driven more by practicing reading and writing, there are some teachers who manage to run mostly lecture-worksheet-test-based classes.

The other problem with this kind of teaching is that it makes kids hate school. In a article , instructional coach Alexis Wiggins reported on her findings after shadowing two high school students through a typical school day.

Alia is the teacher. The teacher is happy to see them. The children do not want to write. Discuss with your friends.

Vocabulary Activity 3 — I talk about my feelings.

The Problem: A Gap in the Lesson Plan

The children are happy to be back at school. Miss Shalini is glad to see them again.

Activity 3a - I match the faces with the correct words. I write the words by tracing over the dots. Activity 3b - I observe the pictures. I complete thesentences with one of the following words. It is my birthday. My favourite toy is broken. The boys tease me. The holidays are over. Alia and her mother are at the supermarket to download stationery.

Do you remember the objects that we use at school?

Can you name them? Help Alia choose the correct items. Activity 4a - I look at the pictures on the next page. I cut and paste the correct pictures in the trolley. Find the words from the grid and write them below. Activity 4b - I complete the word search.

I write the words in the list.

It is time for the Arts class. Miss Shalini tells the children that they will make a puppet.

Before you start

Everybody is very excited. They cut the different parts of the puppet's body. They put the pieces together to create the puppet. Look at the puppet! Activity 5a - I sing a song. Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Head, shoulders, knees and toes, Knees and toes.

And eyes, and ears, and mouth, And nose. Activity 5b - I complete the sentences by tracing the correct word. With my eyes hear. I see. With my nose smell. I touch. With my ears smell. I hear.

With my mouth eat. With my hands I see. With my feet walk. I smell. Identify each part of the puppet's body. Cut out the different parts. Assemble them. Pin the parts together to make your puppet.

Hello friends! Can you help me to solve this riddle? Word Riddle Who am I? I am the first letter in a sentence. Clue: The bird is singing. I am the first letter in a person's name. I am also the first letter in the names of countries, places, mountains and rivers. Clue: Mauritius, England, Vacoas, Everest4. The days of the week start with me.

You and Me: 2: Pupil's Book

Clue: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday5. Finally, even the months of the year start with me. The right answer is capitalletters. Activity 7b - I trace the capital letters. Yes, I do! We always start a sentence with a capital letter and end with a full stop.

T he boy is eating an ice-cream. Activity 8 — I rewrite the sentences on the line below. I add a capital letter and a full stop. Example: ahmoy has a dog Ahmoy has a dog. Writing Hello friends! Here is my information card. Make your card with the help of your teacher.

Test your English - For Schools

Activity 10 — I identify sounds. Activity 10a - I listen to the words and identify the sound at thebeginning of each word. It hits the bottle. It shows an alligator, an She gives Brian a book. He puts the book on the table. I write the words in the correct column.

Kitty and Lizy have toy binoculars. Kitty looks outside. I can see But we say: a boy, a girl. I tick the correct answers and cross the wrong ones. The cat sees a mouse. I have an crayon.

Anna sits in an armchair. You eat an banana. The dog is a animal. I am Brian. We are friends. You are Alia. Who are they?

She is Tina. He is Nikhil.

English Grade 2 Part1 (Pupil's Book)

Activity 12a - I play a Chain Game. Let's play the Chain Game like Brian and Alia. Alia finds a blue boat under the bed. She is beautiful! My boat is blue. It is blue. The bear is brown. It is brown. Activity 12b - I choose the correct word from the brackets andcomplete the sentences. Miss Shalini is our teacher. He, She 2.


My name is Mita. You, I 3. Julie and I are friends. We, They 4. Look at the kite. This is my pen. It, She 2. Rishabh is a boy. She, He 3. The teacher talks to the children. Pascal and Ashish are in Grade 2.

Chicky Chick is sleeping. You will be late for school! You will miss the surprise. I will be late! Activity 4 - I match the two sentences that go together. Sara is my sister. Yash and I are in Grade 2. They are having fun. Deena and Bruno are playing.T he boy is eating an ice-cream. You can customize the size and speed of the incoming object, among other items. They agreedto let the milkman come back to watch them dance again. The more you practice this, the more likely you will be able to retain and recall it in the future.

Spacecraft 3D : NASA's Spacecraft 3D is an augmented reality application that lets you learn about and interact with a variety of spacecraft that are used to explore our solar system, study Earth, and observe the universe. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Anna: Apartment C2, here I come! Sign up now. Word Riddle Who am I?