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Realidades 1, online textbook & Web Codes link. Lose your vocab list? Want to hear audio files of textbook activities? Just want extra practice? "Cliquear aquí" to . Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. En la escuela 1. Nombre. Hora. Fecha. Realidades. Practice Workbook P–1. En la escuela. WEB CODE jcd . Realidades 1 Guided Practice Workbook. Realidades 1 Guided Practice, MB; (Last Modified on November 10, ). Template Shadow.

Look at the pictures with each postcard to help you understand the meaning of the new words. Me gusta mucho tocar la guitarra. Viewing: Show the video once without pausing; then show it again, stopping to check comprehension.

Realidades 1 - Ch. 1A.pdf - RE1_08NATECh01A_24-47.qxd 7:36...

Show it a final time without pausing. Pictures or other graphics showing the city can add visual interest to the written or oral presentation to the class.

Ask them to use the Videohistoria as a model to write a brief caption that tells who they are and what they like to do. Post the photos and captions in the classroom. C Saludos desd e Costa Rica Extension: Ask students to find and read at least one statement in Actividad 3 with which they personally agree.

Me gusta ir a la escuela. On a sheet of paper, write the numbers 1—6.

Read the following statements by the characters in the Videohistoria and write C cierto if the statement is true, or F falso if it is false. Write your answers to these questions. Esteban: Me gusta patinar. Claudia: Me gusta pasar tiempo con mis amigos. Teresa: No me gusta usar la computadora.

Gloria: Me gusta trabajar. Practice Workbook, pp. Check, pp. Answers will vary. Extension: Have students write three more questions using vocabulary from pp.

Then have them ask others to answer their questions. Have pairs of students come to the overhead projector and recreate any dialog substituting new vocabulary for actions that you point out.

It was fortified in the early s. Soy Gloria. Standards: 1. The defeat mobilized the movement for independence from Mexico. Today the Alamo remains an important historical symbol to Texans.

Recognition, pp. No me gusta.

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Why not share! An annual anal Simon Guggenheim Fund. Comparisons 4. In this chapter, students will learn language for talking about things they like and do not like to do and ways to express the negative. The chapter has four parts.

A primera vista introduces vocabulary and lexical uses of grammar structures through illustrations, conversations, narratives, reading, and video. Manos a la obra allows students to practice vocabulary and grammar through reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and introduces formal explanations of the grammar. Introduce students to the theme of the chapter and review the objectives.

Tell them that they will watch videos with people talking about what they like to do.

The GramActiva videos will help them understand the grammar taught in the chapter. Answers will vary but might include the following: The objects in the painting are made up of squares and other geometric figures.

Explain that Picasso developed his cubist style after years of study and work in more traditional styles of painting.

He felt he could express ordinary things best by using simple geometric shapes.

Keep in mind that A primera vista is designed for input of new words and lexical presentation of grammatical structures explained in the Manos a la obra section. Show Transparency 32 to guide the presentation. Tell students that the words in heavy blue type are the words they will be responsible for knowing. Me gusta mucho practicar deportes. Me gusta correr, nadar y esquiar. Read each conversation and dramatize each sentence as you say it.

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Use gestures, facial expressions, and tone to convey meaning. Ask students to guess the meaning. When they understand the statements, begin substituting words from the visuals, using the transparencies to highlight the substitution. Ask students to raise their hands when they hear an activity they like. Ask a volunteer to track the responses and tally them on the board to see which are the most- and least-favored leisure activities.

Are there any leisure activities preferred by people in Spanishspeaking countries that are not common in the United States? Are there differences in what the activities are called in various countries? Use the Organizer from the Practice Workbook to create a written vocabulary list for easy reference for oral, listening, and writing activities throughout the chapter. The list will help students to succeed with the activities. Encourage them to use their lists whenever they need them. Play the Audio CD or read the script to the class.Me gusta.

Answers will vary.

Walk around the classroom and check that they select the correct pictures. Gloria: Me gusta trabajar. Me gusta mucho tocar la guitarra. When students have become familiar with the conversations, ask them to greet you and one another.

Transparencies 34—35; Audio Program: Track 5 Focus: Presenting additional vocabulary and grammar in visual and story context; previewing the language video Suggestions: Pre-reading: Direct attention to the Strategy.