Results Level your classroom library or find books at just the right level for students From the Teacher Store. card-image. Book. Esperanza Rising. By. Each book is carefully evaluated prior to being leveled, and teacher input is Scholastic's Book Wizard allows teachers to search for books by level, but not all . Start by marking “The Wizard's Gambit (The Six-Er-Seven Kingdoms Book 1)” as Want to Read: The Wizard's Gambit (The Six-Er-Seven Kingdoms Book 1) So says Master Wizard White Beard in Kylie Betzner's comedic fantasy, The Wizard's Gambit, the first book in her new Six-er-Seven.

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Wizard White Beard had a plan, but destiny had something else in mind After 1, years of hostilities among the six—er—seven kingdoms, Wizard White. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Comedian. Blogger. Coffee junkie. Incurable nerd. The Wizard's Gambit (The Six—Er—Seven Kingdoms Book 1) by [. Af-ter you had gone in search of your broth-er, Oz-ma saw you wan-der-ing in strange lands when-ev-er she looked in her mag-ic pic-ture, and she also saw.

Just clean competition. Of course not.

Their only goal is to win by whatever means necessary. If they can wipe out their competitors in the process, so much the better.

Enter Mongrel, an orphan youth who has bounced around the various kingdoms without really belonging to any of them. Realizing the fate of his world is at stake, he takes it upon himself to enter the scavenger hunt and quest for the prize in order to finally bring about a lasting peace.

I really enjoyed this story.

The characters that throw in with Mongrel are quirky and mostly exasperating, but also funny, cowardly, stubborn, and brave, but deep-down they're good at heart and very human, and I liked them all the more for it. There were some laugh-out-loud moments and some lovely ones, as well.

There is a free database at Lexile. Using the DRA numerical scale, you can measure reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

Students are said to be near, at, or above grade level, below grade level, or significantly below grade level. Interest Level Interest level indicates that students in these grades are the most likely to be engaged by the book's content and approach.

Grade Level Sorting books by grade level is the most basic, understandable system.

If you use a basal series to teach reading, you probably use this system. Reading Recovery Reading Recovery is an intensive one-on-one remediation program designed to supplement reading instruction for students in grades K—2 who are slow to read.

You can compare Reading Recovery and guided reading levels; Reading Recovery levels by themselves have limited usefulness. Now that you understand several commonly-used systems, which leveling system should you use?

The scanner freezes often. Also many titles are not in the database, even Scholastic titles!

So while it has sped up the process, it is no where near what it could and should be. I have not used the list feature.

Logging in every time I use the app is a pain, especially because there is no data I want kept secret in the app.

Why would I care if people could see my classroom library list?Of course not. Putting the camera closer to the barcode helps. Felix is currently reading it Dec 11, The prize: List Name Delete from selected List.